Leather Cleaning and Repairs Toowoomba

Leather is made from varieties of animal skin and hides that have been treated chemically in order to produce different products. Due to its long manufacturing process quality leather is always expensive.  So it is really important to keep them clean and protected.

A well cared leather sofa could last much longer than a one covered with fabric. There are a lot of different variations of leather and here at Dust2Clean, we are highly trained and trade experienced in the following leather upholstery services for Toowoomba:

  • Cleaning
  • Repairing
  • Restoring
  • Re-colouring
  • Colour restoration
  • Leather Protection 

We make sure to take the maximum care of your leather sofas and other leather furniture in Toowoomba to make your environments in the house clean and sparkly. We can also repair holes, tears, cracking, scuffs, sun fading on leather.  Talk to us should you need help on leather repair for

  • Couches
  • Automotive
  • Boasts
  • Air crafts
  • Jackets
  • Hand bags

So before you cover your expensive leather furniture in Toowoomba with a towel or a blanket or before you may even consider throwing it out of your house or office, talk to our team. We are happy to look at it and see if we can still clean and restore its original glory.


Leather Cleaning and Repairs Toowoomba

Do you repair peeling leather lounge/couch/sofa?

Our team of experts have the skills and experience to perform cosmetic repair or new panels that match the colour of your furniture. Let’s talk.

Do you clean the leather lounge/couch/sofa?

We are IICRC certified Technicians. Our specialised cleaners are trained to deeply penetrate into the grain to ensure your leather furniture will look fresh and new once again.

Which is more expensive, to repair or to restore?

Compared to buying new leather furniture, it is more economical to have it repaired or restored. Get your free quote, today.

Will the repair look too obvious?

It all depends on the scope of the damage on your leather furniture in Toowoomba. Minor repairs are barely noticeable but for larger cuts or tears, then it may have potential scars. But we do our best to conceal these repairs.