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Our All Carpet Cleaning Service include:

🗹   Vacuum all carpets including all services
🗹   Treatment of all basic spots & stains
🗹   Test Fibres & Truck Mount Steam
🗹   Cleaning
🗹   Carpet Deodorising

We are practising and maintaining a HIGH STANDARD UNIQUE CARPET PROCESS to maximise the ultimate results. We understand carpets and rugs are expensive assets in your Toowoomba homes and offices, so we responsibly take care of it.

Dust2Clean - Certificates

We have IICRC certified technicians, and we are a trade qualified cleaning team.

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Dust2Clean - Certificates

We can clean carpets by hot water extraction clean (Truck mount machine or Portable machine), dry encapsulation clean depending on the situation and your requirements. So we are fully capable to clean even high-rised building carpet cleaning in Toowoomba as well.

Tired of looking at that same, ugly stain?

We make sure your carpets are cleaned by completing the CARPET CLEANING PIE:


We only use the appropriate PH rated chemicals for natural and manmade fibres to deliver a high quality service without damaging fibres.

Dust2Clean - Certificates

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We identify the fibers prior to the carpet cleaning and use the appropriate chemicals as needed to maximize the results and the hygiene of the carpets.

We also and always perform a colour fastener tests, specially on rugs to avoid after clean colour bleeding issues.

Protectors for Carpets in Toowoomba

We do understand that you invest a lot of money when you purchase carpets for your home or office in Toowoomba and we are happy to inform you that we could apply the fabric protections to pro long the life of these assets.

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Carpet Cleaning Toowoomba

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Dust2 Clean for our carpet cleaning services in Toowoomba.

Do you work on weekends?

We basically work Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm except for after commercial jobs. We would like to work around our clients schedule and select the most convenient time for them though.

How often should I clean my carpets?

We recommend our clients to get their carpets cleaned at least once a year to maintain its good condition.

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

The prices could vary depending on the type of the carpets, the size of the carpeted area and the stains on the carpet. We are just a phone call away if you would like to know the prices.  Get a free quote, now.

What should customers do before we do carpet cleaning? Do we need to have it pre-vacuumed?

We are requesting our clients to declutter the carpet areas as best as possible. This includes removing heavy furniture, but if you don’t have a hand to do it we will work around it. We will then do all crevices and make sure it’s ready for the carpet cleaning. We will do the whole process for you from start to the finish.

Which type of carpet cleaning is best for Toowoomba homes and offices: hot water extraction or dry cleaning?

Hot water extraction provides a deep clean and effectively removes dirt from your home or office carpet in Toowoomba. So it’s the most commonly used method. However we do offer both options to our clients: steam cleaning or dry encapsulation cleaning.

How long does hot water extraction take to dry?

Drying time could vary depending on the environmental factors and the type of carpet used in your Toowoomba property. It is also influenced by other factors such as:

  • Humidity
  • Room Temperature
  • Carpet Density

To hasten drying time, you can turn on the air conditioning system and fans to increase airflow and ventilation. But on average, it will take about 6 yo 8 hours for your carpet to complete dry using the hot water extraction method.

Is stain removal included in a standard carpet cleaning in Toowoomba?

It depends on the stain that’s on the carpet. As a standard practise we do the basic spots and stains in our usual carpet cleaning process. Majority of stains come off but some don’t. So, it really depends on the following:

  • Carpet fibre
  • Stain type
  • Length of time of the stain

Clients should note that  special stain treatment and removal will take longer time. So we will let you know if the stains could be removed together with the standard carpet cleaning or not, together with the equivalent price should you want us to remove the stain for you.

Why do I need to choose Dust2Clean to professionally clean my carpets in Toowoomba?

The health benefit associated with carpet cleaning is second to none. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is important as it houses lots of:

  • dust
  • fungus
  • germs
  • mites
  • mould

Using the wrong approach to clean carpets could damage its fibre, which could cut short its lifespan. This will  result in you ultimately replacing it with a new carpet.

Safe removal of stains with a good understanding of the chemistry behind each and every type of stain is a must. So to avoid having to redo the carpet cleaning, it is best to choose a professional who knows how it is done right from the start.

Are you certified to clean carpets in Toowoomba?

We are IICRC certified firm and wool safe Provider and Fibre specialist care qualified in following areas:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stain removals and Advanced stain treatment and Removal
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Leather cleaning and repairs

Can you do my carpets and fleas spray for my end of lease inspection?

Yes, of course we could sure do the carpet cleaning and professional fleas spray treatment in your rental property to be ready for your end of lease inspection. This will save your valuable time and money. All of our work comes with a 7 days satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind. In fact we are one of the preferred and trusted contractors for the majority of the real estate offices in Toowoomba.

Simply check with your property manager. They will love it. Since you don’t have to book 2 different businesses to do the carpets and pest control. As a result, it saves you heaps of time, hassle and money.