Commercial Cleaning & Office Cleaning Toowoomba

We understand that cleanliness will directly impact your business and we make sure from entrance that your clients will feel that.

The services we provide include:

  • Office complex and cooperate
  • Medical centres
  • Council Facilities
  • Retail shops
  • Real Estate
  • Government facilities
  • Schools
  • Pubs and Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Sporting and activity centers
  • Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or custom scheduled services available.
Commercial Cleaning Toowoomba

Our team includes cleaning of these areas:

  • Floors
  • Work areas ( Desk tops, computer monitors, keyboards and chairs)
  • Bins (paper, kitchen, recycling)
  • Reception area
  • Kitchen
  • Toilets
  • Building entrance
  • Building exterior

We are also handling lots of contracts and are flexible with cleanings on time frames on request. Send us a message.



We are the preferred cleaning contractors in most of the real estates in Toowoomba. We are using different techniques and chemicals for high quality cleaning. This makes it easy for the property managers to finalize the end of lease paper works and it will save the bond for you.

We shampoo all walls and remove pretty much all scuff marks to ensure clean walls so it will finally look like it has been painted. We always cross check our End of Every lease cleanings with Residential Tenancy authority (RTA) requirements, in order to maintain our quality.

We also do:

  • Sale cleanings for prospective customer attraction for quick sales
  • Builders cleaning for new homes
  • Cleaning units to prepare for the real estate agents for quick settlements and for tenants for very clean initial entry


Commercial and Bond Cleaning Toowoomba

How long does bond cleaning last?

It depends on the condition of your house. But on average it takes around three to 7 hours per home.

Does window cleaning include in your commercial cleaning for Toowoomba properties?

Yes, it is included. Should you have any additional requests, do tell us about it in advance.

How about outside walls of commercial properties in Toowoomba?

As requested, we can also clean your outside walls. All can be properly quoted during our scheduled meeting.

Can you clean my entire building?

Yes! We can definitely clean it for you. We can do it depending on your convenience – during business hours or after hours.

Do you also clean after special events?

Yes! We are specialised in cleaning even after special events. So we are fully prepared to accommodate your needs.