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Dust 2 Clean is your trusted partner for professional office & commercial cleaning in Toowoomba. We understand that every business is unique and therefore we provide a tailored service to suit your specific requirements.  Call us now to find out more

Dust 2 Clean – The Best Commercial Cleaners Toowoomba

Dust 2 Clean is one of the areas leading and most sought-after commercial cleaning companies in the Toowoomba region.  Since the start of the business, we have developed an enviable reputation for offering the best commercial cleaning service in Toowoomba and beyond for the most affordable price. Our high-quality commercial cleaning services are available for businesses and organisations in various sectors, including healthcare, industrial, hospitality, retail, education and offices

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Special Offer for Our Commercial Cleaning Clients

Special Offer - Commercial Cleaning

At Dust 2 Clean, we appreciate how expensive cleaning can be to invest in for your commercial property. If this is the first time you are considering working with our team here, you may have some reservations about how good the quality of our work might be. As part of a special offer for first-time commercial customers, we offer 50% off for the first month you hire us to clean your business premises. That way, you can benefit from our second-to-none cleaning services for less.

That's Not all...

We’re proud of our service and if you choose Dust 2 Clean for your business cleaning needs, we offer a special value-added service for clients just like you. This allows you to benefit from a deeper clean that will bring your property up to the necessary cleanliness and tidiness we guarantee at Dust 2 Clean, for no extra charge and as many hours as it takes. After that initial clean, it helps us because we can just maintain your commercial property to ensure it is clean and tidy.

Commercial Cleaning Toowoomba
We clean thoroughly..

While some cleaning companies in Toowoomba and beyond may be satisfied with sending in their team to commercial properties to do the bare minimum – for example, light dusting, toilet cleaning and hoovering and mopping, depending on the floor surfaces, we do things differently. We know how important it is for our commercial clients to have spotlessly clean, tidy and hygienic business premises. It doesn’t matter whether you are customer-facing or or a business 2 business company. Your commercial property needs to look great if you want to gain respect and trust. As part of our commercial cleaning services package, we will clean, tidy and sanitise the following areas of your business property:

All floors

whether they are carpeted or covered in a different surface

Work areas
This includes chairs, keyboards, computer monitors, desktops and other workstations and surfaces
 we will clean your commercial kitchen and canteen area to ensure that your employees have a clean and hygienic place to enjoy their lunch and dinner breaks in offices and other commercial properties. For hospitality and similar commercial premises, we can also provide fully certified and licenced cleaning for all kitchens and dining areas where customers may be eating and drinking.
It’s incredibly important to have clean and fully stocked toilets for anyone working, visiting or using your commercial building. We can ensure your toilets are cleaned and sanitised regularly, keeping in mind new Covid regulations and directions. We will also make sure all consumables are topped up as and when necessary.
Reception Area
With any business property, the reception area is often taken for granted. Still, it is very important and useful for giving off the right impression to visitors, clients, and customers. At Dust2Clean, we will come to your property and make sure your reception area is spotlessly clean and immaculately tidy – making it the perfect place for new and existing customers, clients and others who conduct business with your organisation
Building Entrance
If the reception area is important, the building entrance is almost even more important. This is one of the first points of contact your customers, clients, subcontractors, and others visiting your property will contact your business or organisation on site. It needs to be tidy, clean and hygienic if you want to give the impression that you are a serious and professional business.
Building Exterior
As an extension of the above, the building exterior is the one part of your building that everyone will see, whether they are coming in or passing by. That is why it’s essential to ensure the grounds, the building and the windows are cleaned regularly. We can do that for you.

 Bins are often taken for granted. It’s essential, though, that they are not just used to dump rubbish in and forgotten about. We will ensure the bin area and the bins are tidy and clean during their emptying schedule.


Deep cleaning

Yes, we include commercial window cleaning as part of our packages for businesses and commercial properties throughout Toowoomba.
We offer exterior building cleaning services upon request. When seeking a quote, please highlight that you would like this service.
Yes! Of course, we can. We will do it based on your convenience – whether you want our team to come during business hours or after hours. 
Yes. Please contact us to arrange the in-depth cleaning of your property needs following a special event.