Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning and Restoration Services in Toowoomba


Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Dust 2 Clean. We have categorised according to the type of service you need for easy references

We are fully insured and offer satisfaction guarantee for our services. We always try to do our maximum to make your lives easier and of course to see the happy faces of our customers.

Our clients could pay us by Cash, Bank Transfer or Credit, Debit card payment through EFTPOS.

We basically work Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm except for after hours commercial jobs.We would like to work around our clients schedule and select the most convenient time for them though.

We are chosen by clients in Toowoomba for their cleaning and stain removal needs because of the following:
IICRC certified Technicians
IICRC certified firm
Wool Safe approved service provider
100% Customer Satisfaction
One stop cleaning and restoration service
Satisfaction guarantee
Prompt on time service
Fully insured & Licenced
Excellent communication
Great Knowledge of chemistry
Using premium quality chemicals
High tech Equipments
Great service for a Competitive price
Our services include but is not limited to the following:
Carpet cleaning
Stain removals and Advanced stain treatment
Upholstery cleaning
Leather cleaning and Repairs, Colour repairs.
Tile and grout cleaning
Pressure cleaning
Mould Remediation
Odour Control
Commercial cleaning
General Pest Control
Small Carpet Repairs(Eg: cigarette burn repairs )

Carpet Cleaning Toowoomba FAQ

We recommend our clients to get their carpets cleaned at least once a year to maintain its good condition.

The prices could vary depending on the type of the carpets, the size of the carpeted area and the stains on the carpet. We are just a phone call away if you would like to know the prices. Get a free quote, now.

Drying time could vary depending on the environmental factors and the type of carpet used in your Toowoomba property. It is also influenced by other factors such as:
Room Temperature
Carpet Density
To hasten drying time, you can turn on the air conditioning system and fans to increase airflow and ventilation. But on average, it will take about 6 yo 8 hours for your carpet to complete dry using the hot water extraction method.

It depends on the stain that’s on the carpet. As a standard practise we do the basic spots and stains in our usual carpet cleaning process. Majority of stains come off but some don’t. So, it really depends on the following:
Carpet fibre
Stain type
Length of time of the stain
Clients should note that special stain treatment and removal will take longer time. So we will let you know if the stains could be removed together with the standard carpet cleaning or not, together with the equivalent price should you want us to remove the stain for you.

The health benefit associated with carpet cleaning is second to none. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned is important as it houses lots of:
Using the wrong approach to clean carpets could damage its fibre, which could cut short its lifespan. This will result in you ultimately replacing it with a new carpet.
Safe removal of stains with a good understanding of the chemistry behind each and every type of stain is a must. So to avoid having to redo the carpet cleaning, it is best to choose a professional who knows how it is done right from the start.

We are IICRC certified firm and wool safe Provider and Fibre specialist care qualified in following areas:
Carpet cleaning
Stain removals and Advanced stain treatment and Removal
Upholstery cleaning
Tile and grout cleaning
Leather cleaning and repairs

Upholstery Cleaning and Repair Toowoomba FAQ

Of course, we can help you with that. We are fully qualified in repairing leather which will help you save money rather than having to purchase new ones. Who would want to go buy new expensive leather furniture when your old ones can still be repaired. Right?
Yes, we only use detergents and cleaning products that have been tested for domestic use. However, we strongly advise our clients to tell us in advance if any of their family members are allergic to any specific substance.
Yes, we are skilled and trained to clean all types of furniture. Let’s talk.
Yes, we understand the importance of knowing the service fee for your upholstery and couch cleaning needs. So we provide free quotes as per request.
Upholstery cleaning methods in Toowoomba are pretty much the same for walls and furniture. Talk to us beforehand, for us to bring a step ladder as needed.
We need to evaluate the condition of your damaged leather furniture in Toowoomba before we can safely say if we can still restore your furniture. Call us on +61 433 306 884
We offer upholstery protection as an additional service.
Yes, we perform services on weekends, evenings and even during public holidays. Just tell us your most convenient schedule.

Leather Cleaning and Repairs Toowoomba FAQ

Our team of experts have the skills and experience to perform cosmetic repair or new panels that match the colour of your furniture. Let’s talk.
We are IICRC certified Technicians. Our specialised cleaners are trained to deeply penetrate into the grain to ensure your leather furniture will look fresh and new once again.
Compared to buying new leather furniture, it is more economical to have it repaired or restored. Get your free quote, today.
It all depends on the scope of the damage on your leather furniture in Toowoomba. Minor repairs are barely noticeable but for larger cuts or tears, then it may have potential scars. But we do our best to conceal these repairs.

Pressure Cleaning Toowoomba FAQ

We use both cold water and hot water. Mainly cold water.
We are knowledgeable on the right detergent and maximum pressure your property can tolerate. This ensures no damages to your property. We utilise the most modern equipment and machinery for you to get the best professional quality finish.
There is a limit to what pressure cleaning can do. So making your concrete look brand new may vary depending on how damaged or dirty it is, if it has been painted or sealed.
We definitely need on-site water source.

Stain Removal Toowoomba FAQ

The prices for our stain removal services in Toowoomba varies depending on the type of stain, degree of stain, and length of time the stain has been on your carpet, couch, lounge etc. Schedule an appointment with us so our team can give you a free quote.
In as much as we want to say, “YES”, the answer to this question is no. Nevertheless, we do our best to get rid of most of the stain so it will not be too obvious on your carpet, couch, lounge, curtain or upholstery. The best advice we can give is to immediately call us if you encounter any stain accident at your home.
We have packages for all types of clients. please schedule an appointment with us so we can properly discuss the mode of payments we offer to our clients.
We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating. If you are unsatisfied with our job, we can send back our team to fulfill the service as indicated in our contract.
It’s completely up to you. You may observe our team as they perform the stain removal service or just let them do their task while you go on with your daily routine. Should you need to give us access, you are free to give our cleaner access by way of key or a lockbox.

Tile, Grout and Bathroom Cleaning Toowoomba FAQ

It depends on the situation. We use both hand and machine to ensure you get the best results.
In most cases, we can. Nevertheless, it depends on how long the dirt has been on your tile. We’ll advise if it can be done or not.
We recommend adding a seal to it so it can be resistant against staining and contamination.
We have years of experience in the cleaning industry. We know the right formulation that will ensure safety of your tiles while getting rid of the accumulated dirt on it.

Mould Removal Toowoomba FAQ

Almost all the time, the treatment can be done within the day so you can immediately return to your Toowoomba property in the evening.
Since mould spores grow better in excess moisture, one of the best ways to remove them is via fogging. This limits their growth and kills mould that invisible spores in your property.
To completely get rid of the moulds, your property has to be set under a negative air and commercial grade antimicrobial containment barriers. This is done only by professionals. So, it is best to let the professionals handle the mould remediation process for you.
Yes, especially if it is rubbed or sprayed against it. So do not attempt to wipe it down with bleach or spray anything on it because it may only cause it to grow even faster.

Commercial Cleaning Toowoomba FAQ

Yes, it is included. Should you have any additional requests, do tell us about it in advance.
As requested, we can also clean your outside walls. All can be properly quoted during our scheduled meeting.
Yes! We can definitely clean it for you. We can do it depending on your convenience – during business hours or after hours.
Yes! We are specialised in cleaning even after special events. So we are fully prepared to accommodate your needs.

Pest Control Toowoomba FAQ

Yes! It is best to remove your pets during the pest treatment. This includes their food or water bowls. Should you have a neighbour or family who can take care of them while the house is treated, it is best that they stay with them. However, they can go back to the house after everything has been dried, which is often around 3 to 4 hours.
The treatment can be referred to as ‘new generation’ pesticides.This means, they can break down over time so they will not build up in our sensitive ecosystems.
No, our products will not stain your furniture. So, we don’t have to cover furniture as it is not needed.
It depends on how much pest infestation is inside the house or building. We’ll tell you in advance its estimated duration so you can prepare.
It is highly advised to get your homes checked for potential pest infestation at least once a year.

Fabric Protection Toowoomba FAQ

The best time to apply fabric protections is after it has been directly cleaned by a qualified cleaning technician.
It depends on the type of fabric it has and how often you clean and wash it. We’ll inform you about it after we have cleaned and applied the protection on your carpet so you’ll be aware in advanced.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Tiffany Krause Sales Professional (Remax Succes)

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Don over the last few years and have highly recommended Don to anyone I come across, including all of my clients. I can genuinely attest to his absolute professionalism and high quality & standard of work. His knowledge, expertise in the field and service is just impeccable. Don’s communication is just brilliant and I have always been so confident in recommending Dust2Clean to any of my clients seeking general & carpet cleaning.

Ian O'Donnell General Manager (Sovereign Property Partners)

Hello Don and all your team, This note is to compliment you … and to thank you all, for the wonderful job you do with the Bond Cleans for Sovereign Property Partners and our tenants. We understand it is a difficult job … and appreciate the way you are prepared to work with us, accept our feedback – and give your own – and your great communication, in an endeavour to do the best job! As you know, we always recommend Dust2Clean to all our clients – new landlords, builders of new stock as well as to exiting tenants. All in all, we all think that you and your team do very good work and are always looking to improve and get better. Thank you again for being a reliable, on-time and trust worthy contractor.

Daniel Burrett General Manager (Remax Success)

Our agency has been using Dust 2 Clean’s professional cleaning services for since 2014 years and can thoroughly recommend their business. They are professional, timely, courteous and have excellent standards for the end job. For both our Landlords and our Tenants, not only do they enjoy working with Don and his team but have the confidence that they are getting an outstanding clean for a very competitive price. If you are considering Dust 2 Clean you simply cannot go wrong!

Preston Road

Don was extremely polite & professional. He was on time & his response rate was phenomenal. We had were moving house so he did a great job cleaning our carpets/pest control/flea spray. It’s refreshing to get a kind hearted person who wants to please the customer, we will be using Don again for when we move house next time & get our couch cleaned every so often. Thanks Don & team!

Ian Burrows

My scheduled appointment for a post-lease carpet clean had to cancel very late in the day. One quick call to DUST2CLEAN and I was set. Don was very professional and was able to accommodate me the same day! Service was speedy and the carpets look great! Highly recommend you choose Don & DUST2CLEAN for your all your carpet cleaning needs.


We are very happy with our experience with Don and the team at Dust 2 Clean. Don is not only professional but passionate about what he does and the results speak for themselves. Friendly service and great communication, our carpet cleaned up better than expected thanks to Don. Highly recommend and will certainly be using again in future. Thanks Don.

Jodie Dunn

Don came last minute after I was stood up by another business for my carpets, he was amazing to do this on a flat out day and did a fantastic job. THANKYOU DON!

Jenni Rauwerda

I am very very happy with the carpets as they came up very clean. Thank you Don for your awesome service much appreciated. Thank you Jen

Philip Magarey

Don and the team did a phenomenal job of our rental house. They were prompt and professional throughout the process. We were very impressed with how our carpets came up like new! We highly recommend Dust2Clean!!!