Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Toowoomba, Serving Since 2008

Are your tiles and grout lines discoloured and dirty? We CERTAINLY can help you to give those dirty and grim tile surfaces and grout lines a new life with our years of expertise servicing both commercial and residential properties in Toowooomba.

We clean all types of tiles and grout lines in these surfaces on your Toowoomba property. This includes:

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Toowoomba Process

To ensure you get clean tiles and grout, our team will:


Sweep or wipe off your tiled areas to remove any dust or surface dirt.


Apply an environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning solution on its surface. This will help in loosening any soiling or embedded through the help of the agitation treatment.


As needed, a stain removal treatment will be applied on its surface.


High pressure cleaning will be used to clean the tiles and grout.


We’ll mop the surface clean so it will be looking brand new without any streaks or marks.


Tile, Grout, and Bathroom Cleaning Toowoomba

It depends on the situation. We use both hand and machine to ensure you get the best results.
In most cases, we can. Nevertheless, it depends on how long the dirt has been on your tile. We’ll advise if it can be done or not.
We recommend adding a seal to it so it can be resistant against staining and contamination.
We have years of experience in the cleaning industry. We know the right formulation that will ensure safety of your tiles while getting rid of the accumulated dirt on it.