Best Stain Removal Service in Toowoomba

Locally owned cleaning and restoration business in Toowoomba.

We use special stain removal techniques with high quality chemicals and equipment which maximise the quality of our service

We do stain removals such as:

We are able to get rid of stains on:

We can remove kids drawings or stains that happen during toilet training kids and animals. We attend as fast as we can (prioritise) for you and educate clients to minimise damages in the future.

How do we get rid of stain?

Here at Dust2Clean, our specialist stain removers use steam cleaning products for your rugs, carpets, upholstery, and couches in Toowoomba. This allows us to easily remove heavy soiling from a variety of materials..


Stain Removal Toowoomba

The prices for our stain removal services in Toowoomba varies depending on the type of stain, degree of stain, and length of time the stain has been on your carpet, couch, lounge etc. Schedule an appointment with us so our team can give you a free quote.
In as much as we want to say, “YES”, the answer to this question is no. Nevertheless, we do our best to get rid of most of the stain so it will not be too obvious on your carpet, couch, lounge, curtain or upholstery. The best advice we can give is to immediately call us if you encounter any stain accident at your home.
We have packages for all types of clients. please schedule an appointment with us so we can properly discuss the mode of payments we offer to our clients.
We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating. If you are unsatisfied with our job, we can send back our team to fulfill the service as indicated in our contract.
It’s completely up to you. You may observe our team as they perform the stain removal service or just let them do their task while you go on with your daily routine. Should you need to give us access, you are free to give our cleaner access by way of key or a lockbox.