Best Pressure Cleaning Service in Toowoomba, Serving Since 2008

Locally owned cleaning and restoration business in Toowoomba.

We do pressure cleaning on Toowoomba properties. This includes:

As a result, your property is given a fresher look. This also prepares its surfaces for potential painting or sealing.

We always use commercial grade high performance pressure cleaner machines with quality chemicals to remove:

We always try our best to give outstanding results after every clean.

Hard Floor Cleaning Toowoomba
When it comes to hard floor cleaning we take care of everything. This includes the following:
We can offer our services to restore the flooring and make them look fresh and new for these property types:
We make sure that we use appropriate PH rated chemicals for natural and manmade tiles.This ensures you get high quality services without damaging anything.

Pressure Cleaning Toowoomba

We use both cold water and hot water. Mainly cold water.
We are knowledgeable on the right detergent and maximum pressure your property can tolerate. This ensures no damages to your property. We utilise the most modern equipment and machinery for you to get the best professional quality finish.
There is a limit to what pressure cleaning can do. So making your concrete look brand new may vary depending on how damaged or dirty it is, if it has been painted or sealed.
We definitely need on-site water source.