10 Tile And Grout Cleaning Tips And Tricks For Your Toowoomba Property

Cleaning tile and grout in Toowoomba is a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways you can make this process easier. Here are some tips for making the job go faster and easier:

10 Tile And Grout Cleaning Tips And Tricks For Your Toowoomba Property

10 Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning Tiles and Grout in Toowomba

  1. Do use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub away dirt and grime, but do use a shower head that has an adjustable spray nozzle
  2. Don’t use bleach, which can cause the tile to fade over time or ammonia-based cleaners as they will eat away at your grout
  3. Do clean your shower at least once a month with a mild soap or all-purpose cleaner
  4. Don’t forget to rinse the area well before you dry it off so there’s no residue left behind. For better results, try using a squeegee after rinsing your bathroom with water to get rid of any excess soap residue left behind
  5. Do wipe down countertops and other surfaces regularly with warm water and dish soap – this will help prevent mould from forming on these areas of your home
  6. Don’t let dirty dishes pile up in your kitchen sink – if they’re not cleaned after every meal, bacteria can build up quickly, leading to an unpleasant odour in the house as well as health risks for those living there
  7. Do add a little lemon juice on top of your wet floor before applying any sealant – this will help prevent mould from growing underneath your new sealant layer
  8. If you can’t get rid of stubborn stains, use a poultice – mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste and apply it to the stain for 10 minutes before rinsing it away
  9. Never leave dirty water sitting in the tub after you’ve showered, as this will cause mould to form on your tiles and grout
  10. When cleaning up spills, do blot them up with paper towels before they get too big – if they’re still wet when you go to wipe them away, then just let them dry first before wiping them off (this helps prevent staining)



  1. Get a bucket and fill it with hot water and dish soap
  2. Apply the mixture to the grout with a scrubbing brush, making sure to get in between each line of grout
  3. Let sit for about 20 minutes before using a sponge or cloth to wipe away any residue
  4. Rinse your floor thoroughly – use white vinegar if you need an extra boost of shine!
  5. Clean up spills right away so they don’t stain the tiles underneath
  6. Use dark towels when drying off wet tile floors so you can see any missed spots on your flooring



  1. Clean your tile and grout with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water
  2. Scrub the floor with an old toothbrush
  3. Use baking soda on tough stains or odours
  4. Use a steam mop for quick, easy cleaning
  5. Vacuum the floors regularly to remove dirt and debris that can cause mould growth
  6. Spray down your shower curtain liner weekly with bleach or vinegar to kill bacteria and prevent mildew growth

NOTE: If you’re looking for something more intense than vinegar and water, try using bleach mixed in equal parts of hot water on your tiles – make sure not to leave standing around as it’s harmful if ingested



If there is mildew on your tiles or grouts, mix one tablespoon of borax into two cups of warm water and apply it liberally all over the affected areas; allow it to sit for at least five minutes before scrubbing vigorously with a brush or sponge (do not wear gloves while doing so!). Rinse thoroughly afterward with clear water until no more residue remains. Repeat every few months for best results.

These tips and tricks can help clean tile and grout, but we all know that professional tile and grout cleaners know best. So if you want a clean tile and grout all year round, it is best to let the tile and grout cleaning professionals in Toowoomba handle it for you. Schedule an appointment with us.