When looking for a carpet cleaner in Toowoomba to come into your home and handle your carpets, you’d want someone that can really do the job, right? Someone who is honest and has the best interest in keeping your lovely home clean as well.

While most carpet cleaners can do a decent job for you, some will exceed your expectations and deliver an outstanding service. But the question is, how can you distinguish which is the good one and which is the outstanding carpet cleaner?

To ensure that you’re choosing the best carpet cleaner to handle your carpets, here are the 10 essential questions you should ask a carpet cleaner before accepting their service.


Are you qualified?

Before taking the service of a carpet cleaner, you should first ask them if they are qualified. Ask them about the training they underwent to become a professional carpet cleaners. You should also inquire about the length of their cleaning experience in different types of carpet materials.

An outstanding carpet cleaner has undergone proper training and has years of experience that proves their expertise in carpet cleaning. They must be able to show you relevant certifications like IICRC certified carpet clean and/or Woolsafe approved carpet cleaner, and licenses. So, should it be needed in your area, they have it.

If not, then they might be still new in the carpet cleaning field and still practising.


Do you inspect and pre-vacuum the carpets?

The next thing to ask is if they inspect carpets and test the fibres. An outstanding carpet cleaner who values your time and money will inspect your carpet and survey your house before work.

It allows them to get an idea of the treatment your carpet needs. It also lets them see the surroundings they’ll be working on. So, if they’ll be using chemicals in cleaning your carpets, they know which things they need to be careful with.

We understand not every person has an expensive vacuum cleaner so the carpet cleaner should be vacuuming the carpets with a level three vacuum cleaner which will give the optimum cleaning results on your carpets.


What are the cleaning systems you apply?

It’ll be good for you to know if the cleaning system they apply is:

  • Effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for you and your pets

Modern carpet cleaning technics tend to be safer and more effective than the old one that relies on harsh chemicals. Therefore, you’d want to choose a carpet cleaner that uses the most up-to-date and modern cleaning system.


How long will you do the job?

Carpet cleaning can take a lot of time from start to finish, especially if moving furniture is involved. In cases that require steam cleaning, 6 to roughly 8 hours is needed to fully dry the carpet.

Given these, it’s best to ask your prospective carpet cleaner about how long they’ll do the job. This will help you get a timeframe and clear your schedules and gatherings.


Do you have reviews or feedback from your previous and existing clients?

To any type of service provider you plan to hire, you should always ask for reviews and feedback from their previous and existing clients. An outstanding carpet cleaner should provide you with these without hesitation.

When reading the reviews they’ve been given, check for the quality of job they’ve provided, how they’ve responded to the complaints (if there’s any), their customer service, and other relevant aspects.


Are you a member of an association?

Another thing to ask your prospective carpet cleaner is if they’re a member of an association. This is not required in their industry but some associations give credentials to cleaners that surpass standards. Associations like IICRC, Woolsafe, Clean Seal.

This is a good point for your prospective cleaner if they do belong to an association and have credits. It means they value their market reputation and credibility.


Do you have proper insurance?

The next question to ask a carpet cleaner is if they have proper insurance. Accidents can happen while they’re working on your carpet. It’ll be good to know if they have insurance that will cover any damages, mistakes, and accidents that may occur when they work on your properties and if you’re wondering about us, Dust 2 Clean is fully insured and certified for all the services we offer.


How much does your service cost?

Another important question to ask is how much does their service cost. Price is important; however, do not be misled by the lowest offer as it may not be the best choice.

Often, carpet cleaners that provide excellent work are the ones with higher service fees. This is because they are great at their job, plus they need to consider other things like the size of the space and carpet they need to clean.

So, make sure to be clear about their service cost and ask for a detailed quote.


Are there any hidden charges?

Aside from asking about the service cost of your prospective carpet cleaners, you must also ask them if there’s any charges that are not included in their quote.

Hidden costs, added fees, and unforeseen expenses can arise and this can be frustrating. Therefore, asking for all-inclusive upfront pricing is better so that you’re well-informed about possible expenses with their cleaning service. The special stain treatments would be an extra charge which should be discussed prior to commencement of the clean.


Are there any guarantees you can offer?

This last question is a good way to gauge the carpet cleaner’s confidence in the quality of their work. Are there any guarantees they will offer? If there are, make sure that they’re in writing or in print and given to you in advance.

So, if there’s any dissatisfaction with their service, you can easily reach out to them again and get the problem solved.



It may take you some time before you get the best carpet cleaner that fits your preferences and needs. But by asking these 10 questions, you‘d probably hire a carpet cleaner that offers outstanding carpet cleaning services in Toowoomba.

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