Are you in need of professional help in cleaning your commercial property in Toowoomba?


Have you already gone through various company profiles but remain at a loss and don’t know which one to work with?

Don’t worry, we got you. In this blog, we’ll show you how to choose the right commercial cleaner for your Toowoomba commercial property. Let’s begin.




One of the best qualities to look for in a commercial cleaner is their dependability.  They should be on schedule and complete the job as agreed upon.

Another value you need to consider is if they pay attention to details. A dependable commercial cleaner will ensure that every corner of the room is clean, including cleaning and sanitizing all flat surfaces that you are using on a daily basis.

Ask questions so you’ll know the extent of their service. In this way, you know what to expect after they have completed their job.


Affordable with transparent pricing and clear cleaning schedule

The next quality you need to look for in a commercial cleaner is the price of their services.

  • Do they offer affordable, transparent pricing and a clear cleaning schedule?
  • Are they going to provide their cleaning materials or are you the one to provide them?
  • Will there be any unexpected fees during the clean-up? If so, what could these be?

You need to make this clear; otherwise you’ll be surprised to learn additional fees have been added to your invoice after their cleaning service has been completed.


Factors to consider when evaluating their service fees

Here are some of the things you should consider to evaluate if their service fees match your are reasonable:

  1. Your industry
  2. Scope of the service
  3. Consumable products they’ll use
  4. Frequency of the service

Perform a competitor’s study in terms of their pricing to know if you are getting the best deals. Most importantly, sit with your chosen commercial cleaner to ensure you are in agreement with all of the services they will provide.


Knowledgeable and well-trained staff

Without proper knowledge and training, there’s a big chance that a cleaning disaster may happen. So you need to ensure you are dealing only with knowledgeable and well-trained staff.

To know how professional they are, ask the following:

  • How are they planning to clean your area?
  • What material are they going to use?
  • What is their way of sanitizing?
  • What insurance do they carry, including what workers compensation insurance they provide and how much public liability they carry?
  • If you want to do any additional carpet, tile and grout, pressure cleaning etc, ask the cleaning company whether they do the work themselves or outsource which will be more expensive?

If they can answer this in detail and it satisfies you, then go ahead and sign the deal with them.


Communicates and is open with feedbacks

Another quality of a professional commercial cleaning service is they know how to communicate. This means being able to accept even negative feedback.

From the start they should be open to answer your questions pertaining to the following:

  • Type of services that you require
  • How often do you require it
  • Your main goals
  • Your budget
  • Trust and confidentiality of your premises

If they sound or look fishy upon your enquiry, or they don’t bother to listen to your needs, then it’s best to move on to the next company on your list.


Committed to health and safety

The next quality you need to look for in a commercial cleaner is their commitment to health and safety, especially at these times where Covid19 and its new variant remains a threat.

If your commercial property has busy foot traffic, chances of transmitting diseases like cold, flu, and Covid19 are high. A dependable commercial cleaning company can help you apply safety measures and keep your facility clean and safe from viruses.

They should also consider the safety in your facility. So, warning signs like wet floors should be posted in areas as needed, to avoid accidents.


Low employee turnover

This may be a tough thing to investigate. But, knowing the employee turnover of your chosen commercial cleaner speaks a lot about them.

A cleaning company with a high employee turnover rate can have a bad effect on your end, especially if you’re a property or facility manager. Employee turnover means having a new crew to train regarding your preferences.

Plus, it can also mean that they have bad management, which can affect deadlines and result in complaints. A high-quality commercial cleaning company should know how this can gravely impact them and their clients.

Therefore, they must be able to take care and compensate their employees properly so they won’t look for another company.


Insurance and liabilities

Before signing a contract with a commercial cleaning company, make sure to check their insurance and liabilities as mentioned previously. Their insurance must at least cover these 2 things:

  • Public liability – business liability insurance. This will ensure that your company is protected from general claims should any property damages or bodily injuries occur.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance – every business with employees are required to have this. It covers lost wages and medical costs should any work-related accident happen.

Looking for the best commercial cleaner for your Toowoomba property shouldn’t be that hard. As long as you check for these qualities, you’ll get the right cleaning service provider for you. Learn more about us and how we can help you with all of your cleaning needs.

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