Spills and accidents are part of the life cycle of any upholstered furniture. Now, the question is this:  How are you going to deal with this mess? Below are the best tips we can give you to keep your upholstery spotlessly clean.

Pet Hair Removal Technique: Gloves and Static Spray

With pets being part of most Australian homes, it is but natural to find fur all over your couch. How do you get rid of these?

Gloves can create static force that can pull off the hairs when it is run over an upholstered furniture. So to remove pet hairs from your upholstered furniture, simply put on a pair of rubber gloves and run them over the furniture.

You can also create a DIY static spray. Do this by mixing water and a small amount of fabric softener. Spray this to your couch then just wipe it off with a piece of cloth. It’s as simple as that.


Stain Removal on Upholstered Furniture: Never SCRUB!!!

Rule of thumb when cleaning your upholstered furniture is this: SAY NO TO SCRUBBING

Even if you’re dealing with tough stains, never ever scrub your furniture. Doing so will only scratch and damage the fibres of its fabric. As a result, your furniture will look old and worn out.

But how do I get rid of the stain on my upholstered furniture?

To remove tough stains on upholstered furniture just follow these steps:

  • Pour the stain remover on the affected area.
  • Let it sink and sit in for a few minutes
  • Gently blot the stain using a soft microfiber cloth.

If the affected area is still stiff after it dried, you may use a soft brush to loosen it. If this sounds a bit complicated, let the experts handle it. Send us a message.


Look for the Furniture Code (W,S, S/W, X)

Before cleaning furniture on your own, it is important to be aware of the do’s and don’ts mentioned in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. So go and look for the code to know how you should properly clean it.

In the instructions, you’ll see the following codes:

  • W – this means that it’s okay to use water on the upholstery
  • S – this means skip the water and use only a non-water based solvent like alcohol
  • S/W – this means both water and non-water based solvent is suitable to use in cleaning the furniture
  • X – this means you can only use a vacuum in cleaning the upholstery and neither of the two is allowed

Can’t find the furniture code? Let us help you. Call us on 0433 306 884.


Get Rid of Dirt: Vacuum Regularly

One of the most effective tips to keep your upholstery spotlessly clean is to vacuum it regularly. Use a dry and clean upholstery attachment to suck all the dirt lurking in your furniture.

Dried Debris and Dirt: Loosen these up by using a stiff-bristle brush

Hard to Reach Areas: Use a crevice tool

If this still doesn’t work, then you’ll need to schedule an appointment with us. Let our team handle this tough job for you.


Prevent stains on upholstered furniture with fabric protector

A wise thing to help keep your furniture spotlessly clean is to have it treated with a fabric protector. Just take note when it should be treated again. This will ensure that it will retain its repelling power and keep your couch and sofa spotlessly clean all the time.


BONUS Secret Cleaning Tool: Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are not just effective for baby bums; but it is also effective in cleaning upholstered furniture, particularly for these types of upholstery:

  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Polyester

Baby wipes have a gentle mixture of water and soap. It is also suitable for spot-cleaning your rugs. So it’s time to stock up on baby wipes at home because you never know when a spill or accident will happen.


About Dust 2 Clean

As certified product applicators of “Clean Seal”, we have cleaning specialists who are trained to handle these types of jobs. We offer a wide range of cleaning services starting from stain treatments on your upholstery up to tile and grout cleaning. Call us now for any of your cleaning services needs.

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