Commercial cleaning can be a long and tedious job. However, if you’re not careful it can also take up your time and money! That’s why we’ve put together this list of questions to ask any commercial cleaning company before hiring them for the job. Read them below.

1. What are your hours of operation, including holidays and weekends?

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service in Toowoomba, it is important to know what type of hours they work. You must also consider the operating hours, location, and cleaning needs of your commercial space. This will all determine if a commercial cleaning team will be able to service your place.


2. What type of supplies do I need to provide for the team? (e.g paper towels, toilet paper, etc)

The supplies you need to provide for the cleaning team dramatically depends on the scope and size of the job. For smaller jobs, such as a few offices in one building, all you may need is some paper towels and soap. For larger projects like an office building or a large retail store, there are many more factors to consider.

Make sure that you’re aware if you need or not to provide these things for the cleaning team you’ll hire. This way, you can avoid conflicts while they’re operating in your place.


3. What type of equipment do you use to clean my business and how often will it be used on-site?

For commercial property owners and managers, it’s important to know what type of equipment will be used on-site to avoid the risk of damage or contamination. For example, if your site has delicate surfaces, you may want to specify that only non-abrasive materials are used; and hire cleaners who have been trained in sensitive surface cleaning.

The most common types of tools used by commercial cleaners are:

A typical cleaning company would entail using these tools at least once a week. It may still vary with some sites requiring more frequent visits depending on debris levels and other factors.


4. How many employees will work at my business?

How many cleaners will work at my business site? This is a question that also needs to be addressed by commercial owners before hiring a cleaning company. It is important to be aware of how many employees will work on your site.

It largely depends on your needs and what you are trying to clean. For example, if you have a lot of food service equipment or kitchen space, then it’s likely going to take more time for one person to complete this task. If you have hardwood floors in an office space with no carpeting anywhere else, then one cleaner should be able to do it all without any issue.

If you are looking for a reliable cleaning service in Toowoomba with experienced teams, look no further! Dust 2 Clean is here for you. We have years of experience providing customers with high-quality services 24 hours per day 7 days per week. We ensure your site gets the attention it needs.


5. How often and when will your team clean my site?

This is a question that many commercial place owners in Toowoomba should be asking their prospective cleaning company. The answer to this question varies and depends on the size of your property, how dirty it is, and how much you want to spend on a weekly or monthly maintenance service.

A lot of local business owners only have one or two cleaners on their roster at any given time, which means they can’t afford to hire more people for daily work. This means that if you’re looking for a company who will clean your office from 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday then you’ll need to look for a cleaning company that has many people in their team.


6. Do you have any type of guarantee for your work?

Providing a guarantee for their work is an excellent way for a commercial cleaning company to stand out from the competition. It shows how much they value their work and reputation and how much they care for their clients.


7. Is your team licensed and insured?

The commercial cleaning team you’ll hire must be licensed and insured to see what liabilities they’re expected to take. Make sure that you know the coverages of their insurance.

This way, when their cleaning team comes to work in your place and accidentally breaks an item, they have their insurance to cover any damages. Asking this is necessary for you to be sure that your commercial place is in the right cleaning team.


8. Can I get a quote for an estimate before we sign up for a contract?

Owners of commercial places in Toowoomba looking for cleaning services have a lot to consider. You need to find the right company that can provide your needs that is within your budget.

There are also other factors you should take into account when selecting a company, such as how long they’ve been in business, their experience, or the buildings they have been servicing. Get an estimate from different companies before signing on the dotted line so you can have a comparison.


Last words

It’s no doubt that sooner or later, your commercial space will eventually need some TLC. When that time comes, make sure to ask these questions to the cleaning company before signing a deal with them.

If you’re looking for a reliable commercial cleaning company for your property in Toowoomba, choose Dust 2 Clean Cleaning and Restoration Specialist. We have a well-trained and professional cleaning team that provides only top-quality cleaning services.

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