It’s the holiday season. Time to pack your bags and go on vacation. And while you’re off, your mind will be filled with thoughts of picking up a souvenir from each place you visit. But what about the one thing that goes unnoticed when we leave home for a little bit? The carpet.

Do you know how to keep it clean while you’re away? Here are some tips to keep your carpet clean while you are on vacation.


1. Vacuum your carpet before you leave

You can’t go on vacation without leaving your home in good condition. Vacuum your carpet before you leave and make sure to get the corners of the room too! Most likely, you’ll be happy and thankful once you get back.


2. Take away the clutter around your house

Do you have clutter around your house? If you do, the mess may likely end up on your carpet. Whether you’re going on a family vacation or just taking a few days off from work, it’s important to keep your house tidy.

Vacuuming and wiping down the counters will help protect your carpet from pesky dirt, dust, and pet hair that can build up while you’re gone! But don’t forget about all of those things in closets and corners, make sure to take care of them too.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Don’t let things pile up in one spot; take care of them as soon as possible
  • Use a Swiffer or other type of mop instead of a wet cloth when cleaning floors
  • Pick up the clutters on the floor and set them aside to make vacuuming easier
  • Make sure to vacuum often and try not to use a beater brush attachment; They can scratch the flooring underneath

Unorganised clutters can stain or soil your carpet while you’re away. So, before you go and enjoy your vacation, make sure to get rid of clutters around your house.


3. Use a mat at all entrances of your home to catch dirt and sand from outside

Are you sick of your home looking like a mess, but don’t want to replace all of the carpeting?  We’ve got a solution for you.

  • Install a mat at every entrance in your home and it will catch dirt, sand, leaves, pet hair, etc.

The mat at the front door is a lifesaver. It catches dirt and sand from outside before they make their way into the house. Doing this can also make it easy to clean up (just shake out or vacuum) when you’re done, which means less time spent sweeping up inside your home.

Try it. You’ll be surprised by the dirt that will be accumulated from your shoes before you enter your house!


4. Make sure the door is closed all the way when you are leaving for vacation

When you are leaving for vacation, make sure the door is closed all the way. One of the most common mistakes people make when leaving their home unattended is to forget to close a door.

Making sure your doors are all closed can also help block dust and dirt from getting to your carpet. This can hinder the wind from pushing unwanted debris such as leaves into your house. Plus, it’ll also keep your home safe from burglars.

It’s important to check every single door in your house before locking up and heading out! If not, terrible consequences may be expected.


5. Put a towel or rug over any spills that might happen while on vacation

When you’re on vacation, it’s always good to know what to expect. You never know when something might happen! So, another way to keep your carpet clean is to put a towel or rug over any spills that might happen. It’ll help keep your precious carpet out of stains and odours while you’re gone.


6. Cover up furniture with sheets or blankets so they don’t get dirty from spills or stains

A lot of people don’t know this, but the best way to protect your furniture upholstery and carpet from spills is with a layer of sheets or blankets. This will serve as extra protection for your valuable things.

This will also save time and effort when cleaning the whole house! The amount of money that can be saved is also significant, just think about how many rugs we go through during our lifetime!



Are you leaving for a few days to enjoy some quality time with your family? Don’t want to be stressed by keeping your carpet clean while away?

With the long list of things to remember while you’re on vacation, it can be easy to forget about your carpet. The key is to vary the vacuuming routine by spot-cleaning areas where spills or dirt accumulates more quickly.

This will prevent dirt from building up and make it easier to remove when you return. You may also want to consider hiring a carpet specialist to come in every week to deep clean your carpet. They can take away this dirty work from your long list of house chores with no hassle.

Let Dust 2 Clean Cleaning and Restoration Specialist help you. Call us now and learn about the services we can provide you.

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